A new camera

I’ve been contemplating the notion of what my life would be like if I got a new camera.  Maybe the photos I took at my coworker’s baby shower in the darkened restaurant wouldn’t be so grainy with a larger sensor.  Maybe I could transfer them over wifi to my phone and post them immediately!  Maybe I woudn’t have to attach an intervelometer everytime I wanted to take multiple shots on its own.  Maybe I could touch the screen where I want the camera to focus!  Maybe my low light shots would be sharper with in body stabilization!  With so many things to contemplate, I had to make a spreadsheet.  And scour the web for sample photos, and watch video after video on various cameras and jot down DxOMark ratings for various cameras.  The XT1s, the a7series, the OMDs, the new GX8…  on paper they all look really cool!  But I don’t know, they are all kinda pricey.  And I’d have to get new lenses for some of them.  And I’d have trouble justifying spending money that’s essentially Lauren’s.  And maybe they’d lose their charm after awhile.  And maybe I just need to get better at taking photos.  And do I really need more photos of Lauren and me?  And shouldn’t I get back to studying?  I guess it’s going to be awhile before I get a new camera…




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