I turned 38 recently.  Lauren took me to this place where you were locked in this room for 45 minutes and had to get out by solving puzzles with the other people in your group.  I was pretty clueless most of the time but was able to figure out what the words over the door meant and we were able barely escape with a minute and a half to spare!  There was this kooky guy in our group that made the whole experience really fun since he was, well, kinda kooky.  He was so kooky that I thought he was hired by the place to enhance the experience, but it turns out in the end he was an actual kooky guy.

Afterwards Lauren took me to this really nice restaurant near Malibu in the mountains.  It was an outdoor restaurant, a country kitchen type of place with all these kids running around in the middle of their meals as they had all these lawn games everywhere.  It was really nice place to spend a relaxing Sunday evening and we ended up playing shuffleboard, carving a chicken (one of their entrees was a whole chicken), and taking some more photos.



I’m one years old!

One of these days I’m going to branch out and start taking photos of something other than the same two people.  But until then…

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