Biking at Night

I didn’t feel much like drawing tonight so I decided to go on my usual bike ride around Stanley Park. It was pretty dark. I felt paranoid that some dude would pop out of the trees and scare me or that some stick on the path would trip up my bike and I’d go flying helplessly over the seawall. At some point I stopped and felt really vulnerable. The last time I felt so secluded from civilization was the time I spent laying down on the beach at night. I covered up my ears and staring up into space I could almost imagine that I was in space floating somewhere. Anyways afterward I had dinner at my usual spot: this Japanese noodle cafe. It’s almost a tradition for me to go there for Sunday dinners. I’ve pretty much settled to some favorite restaurants around town so the bulk of my meals consist of either Smile Diner omelettes, Subway sandwiches, Daikichi sushi special, or Shouyu noodle soups. I picked up twelve potatoes today during my regular Sunday Safeway shopping. I’m going to try to make mashed potatoes next week. We’re going to visit one of our teachers, Brigitta, over thanksgiving next Monday and I thought I’d try my hand at this cooking business. In case you’re wondering they celebrate Thanksgiving here in Canada in October. Brigitta thinks it’s because it’s colder here and the harvest is sooner. I can testify to the colder bit.

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