A Nice Dream

Ahhh. what a good night’s sleep. Not only did I almost get a whopping eight hours, I also woke up to this nice dream: I was at this big seminar and one of the speakers was in this weird contraption/costume thingy which opened up to reveal this really cute French girl with thick short hair and a really nice nose. She came up to me a spoke some french which I barely understood and in front of everybody started to ask me these questions like have I ever eaten a cucumber or have I ever watched CNN. I had trouble understanding the questions but she was patient with me. Anyway when she finished we sort of looked at each other and smiled and for a long moment I was smitten. Then she rolled away. Did I mention she was in a wheelchair? I remember using Google in my dream to look up her name and saw she was some researcher in the social sciences; had a PhD and everything. Man, I wish I could remember her name. Just for kicks, of course.

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