Animation Class

It feels like November. I started wearing sweaters already and although it’s been abnormally dry it’s starting to drizzle a lot. I don’t mind though. I like coming home from the cold to a heated apartment. We had a substitute teacher in Animation class today. His name was Moose Pagan. He was really interesting: kinda looked like a reserved computer IT guy but had a dash of wacky personality and eyes which seem held open (he doesn’t blink a whole lot). Anyway he showed us some animated shorts for fun which were all really amazing which included Craig McCracken’s original student pencil test film about these three girls who fight crime and are made from sugar and spice by a Professor Utonium. However instead of “Chemical X”, he used a can of “whoop-ass,” and instead of “The Powerpuff Girls”, they show was originally called “Whoopass Stew.” I think I saw an early version of the Gang Green Gang in there. Anyway Moose also showed three shorts from Peter Docter (Monsters Inc. guy) in their raw pencil test form which were simply amazing. The stories were really simple. The animation was really amazing. I think I could watch those few minutes of footage over and over and over again.

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