Goodbye Speedometer

Someone stole my speedometer. Which was a shame because it saved my max speed high score (41mph!) as well as my Canadian miles traveled (approx. 340). This somehow reminds me of the time when I got really mad at my best friend in 7th grade when I beat his high score in Frogger on his Commodore and he erased the high score list to spite me. I wanted to go home so bad his mom drove me home early. It was sad but I think I’ve improved and my high scores don’t matter so much now. I really liked last Sunday’s sermon which was given by a retired Baptist pastor. It was about the parable of the foolish rich man who stored up stuff here on earth but in the end his life was demanded from him and he had to leave everything behind. But it was also about how we could have riches in our relationship with God which would last after we die. The pastor seemed to be preaching to both Christians and non Christians and I really wish my classmate Jed could have heard it, since he recently attended a seminar regarding money and karma and getting money through good karma. He’s into that new age stuff. Tomorrow is the last day of watching cartoons and calling it “History of Animation.” To celebrate we are watching Miyazaki’s Spirited Away in class (in its entirety and it its original Japanese). Hoyeah! There’s someone in my class named Rob who has a Japanese copy of the movie and just finished the 3D animation program here. He’s 19 and somewhat of a technical guru and is very helpful in technical thingys. He’s kinda funny, not in a way where he’s trying to be funny, but kind of in a way where he tries to be normal but ends up acting a bit goofy. I mean this in the best way possible way, not in a way that’s trying to be funny, but trying to be as complementary as possible.

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