Birgitta's Place

I just went to visit my layout/background/animation assisting teacher. Her name is Birgitta. She’s Finnish and built like a viking but she’s super sweet and says things like “yaaay!” and “wooohooo!” a lot. She lives right across the border so she can keep her American green card and it was fun to get away from the city a bit and be on native soil. We took the bus which dropped us off right before immigration, and had a fun four mile jaunt to her place. We passed lots of blackberry bushes and some donkeys. Brigitta’s house was super cool. It reminds me of a small IHOP restaurant with these steep angled roofs. It’s a small cozy place with two timid cats and a fireplace. Brigitta cooked up a storm since a lot of us were planning on going but there ended up being only four so we ate like kings and queens (deviled eggs, yams, some vegetarian curry and rice dishes …) and still had mounds of food to take home with us. She bought a turkey in case anyone ate meat. Since I was the only one who did I practically took home a whole turkey in my backpack. Which is good since the way I’ve been sleeping lately, I might be needing the tryptophan.

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