Man vs. Mouse 3

Another casualty of war for the other side discovered this morning. However I’ve also noticed three out of the four other spring loaded traps not having a shred of peanut butter on them. I guess they’re not as sensitive as I had thought. I’m thinking about gluing hard candy to the metal levers but then it occurred to me that I haven’t seen mice licking any lollipops lately. But you never know. They seem to have liked the remains of my chocolate muffin. While drawing at Rittenhouse square yesterday a woman came up to me and asked if I was interested in doing any modeling. At first I thought she meant in a figure drawing class or for a painting or something but she actually meant in fashion. Yes folks, you’ve heard right. It seems the current trend in fashion is toward short, bony asian males in sunglasses with long narrow heads. Actually I’m not sure about the short part: she asked me how tall I was since I was sitting down and I told her 5’7″ and she seemed a little disappointed. But she said to show up at my appointment anyway, which is this Saturday at 11am. She said to bring a picture too. I’m not 100% up for this idea but who knows. I’m kinda curious.

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