Friend Sale

I’ve been thinking about the formalities of going on a cross country (Philly to Portland) bike tour this summer and have run into a problem: money. It turns out it takes more than a little sweat and patience to go across the country:

  • a new bike ($$) – My bike isn’t really suited for touring not to mention it’s a little too big for me and causes backaches on long rides. But I’m not really keen about getting a touring bike because, well, racing bikes are cooler.
  • gear ($$) – According to the guy at the bike shop, includes $70 padded bike shorts and $100 panniers.
  • food ($$) – I’ve read you can burn 5000 calories in a day. I’m thinking of just getting a tub of those add-water 1000 calorie shakes but I’m not so sure about living off this stuff for a month.
  • housing ($$) – The thought of spending a night on the side of the road in a tent frightens me
  • plane ticket home ($$) – I don’t particularly want to stay in Portland.

Plus I sorta wish I had a friend to go with and you can’t really buy friends. Of course, for the right price, I’d be your friend. Email me for current prices.

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