Man vs. Mouse 2

Chalk up another kill for me, this time using a sticky trap. I haven’t really figured out a good way to dispose of them so I’ve been just triple bagging them and sticking them in the freezer. I think if I was irrevocably stuck to a large piece of cardboard, that’s how I would want to go. Actually I’d much rather take an overdose of sleeping pills (ahhh … sleep) but it’s not very easy to feed pills to a squealing mouse. My friend Rob from Uof W called me at work yesterday and told me he’s coming to town for a chess tournament next week. It’s going to be good to see him although he seems a little apprehensive about staying at my place with the current mouse situation. The air conditioning at the office has not been working during this inopportune season of 90 degree weather. I’m thinking of it as preparation for my next trip to Syria.

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