The Essentials

I took the day off, got up at 10, cleaned, packed, sold my dreamcast and games, and what d’ya know, I found a way to make it to work today. I’m trying to find a balance between throwing all my stuff away (I want that fresh start feeling) and keeping all my stuff (for the memories) and I’ve been finding it hard to decide with a lot of things. Like my comic books: chances are I’m never going to read any of this stuff but maybe they’ll be worth something in thirty years. I think I like the idea of having nothing and being able to move from place to place on a whim’s notice without having to do with cleaning, packing, and selling stuff. But alas, I think I need my underwear, certain DVDs, and my bible. And some paper and pencils. And a computer. A drafting table would be nice. And I like the feel of a fuzzy mat when I get out of the shower. Oh well, I’ll just keep the essentials.

Four Flat Tires

I’ve been coming into work slightly late this week because of a flat tire. After buying four bike tubes, installing them, inflating them, and blowing each one out shortly afterwards, I’ve finally realized that it isn’t the bike shop workers who conspired to sell me duds but it’s actually a rip in my tire. I inflated the last tube to 100 psi and saw a tiny bubble forming outside the rip for a milisecond before it burst in my hands. I’m kinda excited about getting a new tire; it makes me feel like a mechanic specializing “my baby” with cool parts. Even though it’s only rubber. My apartment is a complete mess. I did the dishes yesterday which led me to want to clean out the whole apartment of useless stuff and start packing stuff in boxes for my August emigration. I threw away my toaster and my stereo, which has been on the fritz lately. I packed away my videos, DVDs, comic books and winter clothes. I’ve been meaning to pack away my TV but there’s still some rental movies on my summer to-do list that I’ve been meaning to rent. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

Me vs. Lance

I went biking last Saturday. I think I usually max out on the straightaways at 29.5 mph after which my lungs are left wheezing and burning after about a hundred yards. To give you perspective on this amazing feat, that is slightly below Lance Armstrong’s average over the whole 2141 mile Tour de France. Of course I wasn’t wearing those aerodynamic bike jerseys and lycra shorts, which, of course, is what makes all the difference. Yeah that sounds about right.

With Great Power

Yawn! I tried drawing all night last night (which is actually Wednesday night since I’m writing this an hour or so short of Friday). Since I’ve never really drawn all night without sleeping, I kinda wanted to try but the “why-bother” part of me defeated the “looky-how-long-I-can-go-without-sleeping” part and I caved in at around 3:30. I’ve never actually fallen asleep while doing something either. Some people call it a blessing. Well in the words of the Spiderman movie trailer, I could say “this is my gift. it is my curse.” And of course with this “great power comes great responsibility”. Now where is my upside-down kiss? I’m getting bombarded by tiny fruit flies because it’s night time, the window is open, and the three rows of fluorescent lights are on. Back, back you fiendish devils! Alas, I must retreat for the night to the sanctity of my mosquito net tent on my bed.


I got a haircut yesterday. I somehow remember haircuts to be an angst filled extravaganza when I was growing up where I would somehow metamorphazie into something more attractive. Great pains were taken in determining proper length, part, and the use of everything from VO5 to hair gel (Dep was my friend back in the days – but not a very forgiving one). Now I’ve pretty much settled into the idea that I’m going to look unappealing regardless of hairstyle. I have much bigger flaws.

Sick Accent

Ugh, I’m beeling sik. Um tied, mah nos is runee an my troat hurts so much. Yesturda I god a fon ca frob bancoba feem skoo. Tey ask me kestions. I don’t dink I answer bell. Oh bell, be’ll see. I habent been sleebing bell. I gud fib hours of sleeb ober last two nites. I godup at tree dis mornn nd I came to work do color picdure. Maybee I go hom now.

Thinking Outside the Box

Yesterday during my last class I saw a student doodling on some dry erase board when she tried to write out the word “pretty.” She tried variations on the word including “prety,” “preaty,” preatty.”  She eventually gave up and wrote “beautiful.”

Old Pants

I’ve been wearing the same pair of pants for eight days in a row (they’re a pair of blue old navy kahkis). Seeing as how there’s a slim chance that I’m getting that scholarship, this may be the biggest accomplishment I’ve had in a while. Maybe I can wear them another week. Unfortunately, wear is starting to show in the knee area but that never really stopped me from wearing them before. Mosquito bites have been waking me up to some strange dreams which I only vaguely remember bits and pieces of. In one I remember riding on a school bus on some school trip and Lana was there but she was as small as a midget for some reason. I also dreamed of being in Syria with many of the same archaeological team members but having this new attractive asian girl on the dig. We took a break from the dig and went to some nearby city where they were playing late night showings of Episode II but we never got to see it. Who knows if there’s any meaning behind this dream, but if this does forecast a third trip to Syria, I’d have to tell God the mosquito bites were a nice touch.


While I was biking on Wednesday my headphones got tangled around my rear gears and I had quite a time getting the whole thing out, even with a pocket knife. I guess that means I’m giving my CD player a rest but the money I save in buying batteries can go towards a new pair of headphones! It all works out in the end . . . or does it?