With Great Power

Yawn! I tried drawing all night last night (which is actually Wednesday night since I’m writing this an hour or so short of Friday). Since I’ve never really drawn all night without sleeping, I kinda wanted to try but the “why-bother” part of me defeated the “looky-how-long-I-can-go-without-sleeping” part and I caved in at around 3:30. I’ve never actually fallen asleep while doing something either. Some people call it a blessing. Well in the words of the Spiderman movie trailer, I could say “this is my gift. it is my curse.” And of course with this “great power comes great responsibility”. Now where is my upside-down kiss? I’m getting bombarded by tiny fruit flies because it’s night time, the window is open, and the three rows of fluorescent lights are on. Back, back you fiendish devils! Alas, I must retreat for the night to the sanctity of my mosquito net tent on my bed.

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