The Essentials

I took the day off, got up at 10, cleaned, packed, sold my dreamcast and games, and what d’ya know, I found a way to make it to work today. I’m trying to find a balance between throwing all my stuff away (I want that fresh start feeling) and keeping all my stuff (for the memories) and I’ve been finding it hard to decide with a lot of things. Like my comic books: chances are I’m never going to read any of this stuff but maybe they’ll be worth something in thirty years. I think I like the idea of having nothing and being able to move from place to place on a whim’s notice without having to do with cleaning, packing, and selling stuff. But alas, I think I need my underwear, certain DVDs, and my bible. And some paper and pencils. And a computer. A drafting table would be nice. And I like the feel of a fuzzy mat when I get out of the shower. Oh well, I’ll just keep the essentials.

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