Isaac, Month Three

Right before we left the hospital with Isaac for the first time, the doctor was telling us how things would be … decades from now.  He started off talking about jaundice and some health precautions, then continued on about parenting in general and what to expect.  He was saying how children would take on their parent’s principles and values up until they become teenagers and then they start forming their own principles and values which still stay somewhat malleable up until age 35 or so.  The doctor asked us our ages and then told us Lauren’s values and principles are still in the process of changing while mine are pretty much set.  I guess that means I’ll always like The Bachelor.

I was thinking of this when I turned 40, about the future, how much of Isaac’s life I might see, wondering if I’ll get to see him doing what I’m doing now, feeding a baby and holding him until he sleeps.  It’s nice to see him wake up, see mommy and daddy’s faces and smile while cooing but I guess he’ll eventually outgrow all of this.  I hope he still keeps his fascination with the world, even if it’s more than ceiling fans and changing lights.

There have always been some small issues that came up with Isaac.  He would have a weak cry, have baby acne and cradle cap, have trouble turning his head one way, have an infection on his tongue.  Most turned out to be nothing much.  But they’ve all been a little stressful to us as parents.  Sometimes Lauren and I would disagree on the best way to take care of him, even though there isn’t really a right way.

I had to memorize the rubber ducky song so I can sing to him during bath time
His first pair of pants

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