The internet revolution

“My new Group Insurance, Sixth Edition finally came!” must be on the list of Top Ten Phrases I’d Never Say With Enthusiasm but lo and behold, I got the textbook last night and I’m actually a bit excited about buckling down and doing some serious studying. I think this represents the end of Casual Study Mode. I thought it ended a few weeks earlier when I had my nose in the Canadian Handbook of Flexible Benefits but I hit a bit of a road bump when I discovered from the forums that the Canadian stuff will probably not be on the new revamped exam in the fall. Even though I’m a bit bummed of the time wasted, I’m hoping the new exam will weed out less important material. Like, for example, this study note on internet marketing:

“At the same time, a revolution is occurring in bandwidth and graphic capabilities. This will render the transaction more television-like. In the near future, Internet service, audio/visual entertainment, communication and computing will integrate into one home telecommunication center.”

This was written in 2000. 2000! I’m still wondering how this old material got included in the syllabus or how this is relevant to actuarial work. As a blogger though, I’m excited about these television-like transactions that are on their way…

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