Casual Study Mode

Getting back into the groove of studying has been slow.  I elected to take a break from my company’s study program for the spring sitting so my next exam sitting isn’t until the fall so I’ve been on casual study mode in the meantime which is quite nice.  I’ve been dilly dallying with various activities like jaunts to the bay area and cooking Gordon Ramsay’s cripsy salmon recipe.  I have to say, making mashed potatoes with vinaigrette and onions instead of garlic is a refreshing change since I’ve always made mashed potatoes with garlic and I’m normally a one trick pony when it comes to cooking.  Now I’m a two trick pony!  Or maybe a three trick pony since I’ve also been making Gordon Ramsay’s creamy scrambled eggs for dinner over and over again. Speaking of one trick ponies, I’ve been doing more of these bread and butter hedgehog paintings, this time with a panda!  Not quite the correct size relation with the hedgehog but details, details… Hedgehog and Panda So that’s what it’s like to be on casual study mode.  It’s basically like normal studying without the whole studying part.

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