The Gaylord National Resort

is quite possibly the nicest hotel I’ve stayed at.  It has an indoor courtyard area that looks like a little small townsquare with a house.  What would be more impressive, of course, is if this house was gigantic and housed a small hotel with another courtyard with another small little townsquare.  I’m still waiting for that one. At the Associateship Professionalism Course, I learned the importance of integrity in the business world (strikingly similar to integrity in the non-business world…).  We also went around the room and, as an icebreaker, told something unique about ourselves.  There was both a competitive Starcraft II player and a former professional gambler in the room.  I was debating whether I should share about my feelings of nostalgia, sentimentality, and last impressions but I thought that might be laying it on a little thick for a first meeting so I just said I used to work in animation. It’s a bit strange, I sort of still half identify myself as being from animation and I did sort of feel like some, hmm, outsider spying on what it’s like to be a real actuary.  I guess the marble walls and 18 story glass atrium just doesn’t feel like home.

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