Sad happy feelings

Coming home late from work last night I popped two asprin and went to bed early hoping to be able to get up early for my flight tomorrow … which I suppose I did since I got up at 1 and wasn’t able to fall back asleep.  I could try to sleep on the plane but that never really worked too well before and I was hoping I could spend that time watching a movie, playing a game, or attempting some crosswords which I’ve saved up (productive stuff).  I’ve been having these nagging pangs of nostalgia and coupled with late nights at work I suppose I have a lot on my mind.  Actually none of the work stuff is really bothersome, although it is exhausting.  When I first started working here I wanted to try to achieve a good work life balance which I noticed some people had a hard time achieving and I can slowly see myself becoming one of those people. The other day I was talking to my coworker about Things I’d Love to Ask the Presidential Candidates That Wouldn’t At All Be Useful like “How would you counsel someone who has social anxiety?” and “What does a carburetor do?” just to see what they’d say.  Maybe I could ask when the last time they felt nostalgia.  I get the impression that nostalgia is supposed to be sentimental thoughts about the happy past, but for me it colors things so happy that I feel sad that I can’t go back to them.  I guess that’s why I like time travel movies so much. In case anyone is wondering, a carburetor is the thing in the car that mixes fuel and air which in turn controls the speed of the engine, unlike what my coworker Sean said which was something that berates cars (har har).

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