Mystery stewardess

I just woke up to an erie dream where I had just finished my five year stint as an undercover agent posing as a steward on an airplane (we just caught the bad guy) and as I was saying goodbye to a particular stewardess she wrapped her arms around my leg and I said “there, there, one day you’ll be saying goodbye too” after which severe nostalgia over all our non-existent times together dropped to my stomach and I woke with the lights on.  I thought it was quite the bizarre feeling since I’ll probably never see this mystery stewardess in a dream again. What’s weird is that afterwards I started thinking people I’ll probably never see again, and even people I do see on a regular basis, and I started to miss certain old memories of them.  But I guess you don’t miss them right away.  Like today, my friend Vincent and I watched the documentary Wordplay together in the living room before church (and even managed to figure out most of the crafty long answers to the Sunday puzzle; spolier) and I definitely don’t miss that time now but give it a few years and who knows.

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