Let's Play Pushups

Well on a whim I decided to throw up a push up progress bar.  I’m not sure how close I’ll be able to get to 10,000 pushups; that’s probably more than I’ve done in my lifetime.  I figure I’m pretty far ahead of where I should be study wise so I thought I’d throw in something to distract me in the meantime.  Although I’m not sure how my new lifestyle will change with my bulging biceps.  I’ll probably have to adjust myself when I shake people’s hands so I don’t crush them with my unleashed power.  Maybe I’ll have to sit differently during my exam sitting so I don’t break the keyboards with my massive arms.  I’ll have to restrain myself when opening doors for people that I don’t totally blow them off their hinges.  Think of all the doors I’d have to replace, and the embarrassment caused to myself, my friends, and my family.  Wow, this is becoming more problematic than I thought.

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