Seat Manners

I had trouble finding a seat at church today because I was a little late so this man scooted over and let me sit at the back.  Then he leaned over to apologize that he didn’t offer his seat earlier.  Then while looking around, he asked a lady standing by him if she wanted to sit and he got up so she could sit down.  At this point I was sort of divided on whether I should do likewise.  On the one hand, I probably wouldn’t be able to find another seat (it was that packed), but on the other hand I think that’s the chivalrous, servant-like thing to do, but on the other hand (yes, there are three hands) maybe the best thing for me to do for him was to just enjoy the seat he offered me, which I suppose is what he originally wanted.  It was all very complex but the woman who sat by me eventually got up to look for a better seat, after which a different man sat down next to me.  I ended up sitting in the same spot the whole service but left thinking I should probably work on my seat manners.  While most people were scattering for a seat, one guy was actually looking for an opportunity to give his up.

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    give up seat

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