I'm Here For You

Today I got a holiday card that I thought was very touching:

Throughout the year, I’m here for you when you need me.

I guess it would be a tad more touching if it wasn’t from my auto insurance agent.  I suppose there is a remote possibility that he could have picked out the card solely for me.  I kinda like fireworks after all. I suppose in this day and age what would be really weird is actually something very personal and handwritten.  How out of the ordinary would it be to have a handwritten note on how he was relieved that I managed to get my Fit fixed last year after the accident?  Or on how he was reminiscing of the time he met me in his office in Simi Valley years ago and how we just “clicked” like old friends?  That would have been … a little weird.  Although to be honest, he did seem really nice when we first met and even offered me cookies.  I think we would probably get along if I met him, say, at a church or something.  Even then, though, I’m not so sure he would express such devoted sentiments.

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