From Plains to Mountains

Ug.  I feel stuffed, like I just ate a whole bag of blueberry shortbread which makes sense because I just ate a whole bag of blueberry shortbread.  My direct manager gave us all these really nice gift baskets with tons of goodies and I couldn’t help myself.  So, feeling stuffed I went down to the gym after work and did a mild workout, mild because I find working out to be incredibly boring and find myself having to do a crossword while running on the treadmill and having to step off the side every time I fill in an answer, which I think severely undercuts any fitness goals I’m trying to achieve.  Luckily, I don’t have any goals! I guess general fitness might be a goal but that sounds a bit vague.  I need something specific, like lifting a car over my head.  Or something less imaginary, like having a six pack.  How exactly do you measure a six pack anyway?  What’s the cutoff between a one pack and a sixer?  When does a hill (or great plains in my case) become a mountain?  Or a crevice becomes a canyon?  When does a knife become sharp, or an archer becomes skilled, or an acquaintance become a friend, or a … Hmm, I guess I can try to just drop my bp a few points.

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