Over coffee yesterday, we were discussing what kind of animal we all were. Some people were snow leopards, some people were buffalo. Me? I was thought to be an armadillo.  Or a badger. Or a porcupine.  Some kind of small animal that burrows or chips away at stuff. That sounds about right for some reason. Another person thought I was a goat. With horns. Do all these things mean I’m defensive? I totally don’t think I’m defensive. I mean, I’m not defensive at all! If you think I’m defensive, you’re totally wrong. I mean, why would I be defensive? That’s totally ludicrous! Obviously, I’m not a very defensive person. Nor do I have spikes. I think maybe that might be accurate because all of those animals are relatively small and like to dig and stuff. Like they spend all their day digging and are somewhat diligent in that. I think I could be diligent in doing menial tasks like digging. As for the spikes, or the armor, or the horns — I know some people might take that to mean that I’m a defensive person, but I’m totally not defensive at all!

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