Library Cards

We got library cards! Last weekend we visited the Calabasas library after church and decided to get library cards. I checked out this children’s book which was on display, and Lauren got a few audio books including Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. I studied a bit for my next exam this coming October while taking breaks reading. I haven’t checked out a book for a really long time and it felt like growing up visiting the library, seeing the community announcements and reading programs. I think each place we visit around the neighborhood, Lauren and I wonder what it’d be like to grow up and raise kids here. I suppose it’s unavoidable, after the home purchase and all the box unpacking. It took several overflowing recycling bins of boxes and a trip to Goodwill but we’ve finally manged to unpack most of our stuff and put them in their proper places. A lot of the stuff we’ve got as wedding gifts has already come in handy, from the blender (made a green smoothie this morning) to the pots, pans and measuring cups (first cooked meal: congee) to even the ice cream maker (Lauren made strawberry ice cream yesterday). I’m told after awhile we won’t use the ice cream maker much, but Lauren does like her ice cream…

Anyway, after finishing up most of the leftover unpacking last weekend, we did more exploring and drove to El Scorpion Canyon Park and walked along the trail. I remember hiking here with Nick some odd Thanksgiving and we had hiked a few miles before turning back. I’m not sure how far the trail goes but Lauren was in sandals and couldn’t walk too far. We heard lots of frogs croaking in the stream below and we just stood there together, soaking it in, before we decided it was getting dark and turned back.

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