Bay Area trip (again)

Nothing says hardcore actuary like studying for the group and health core exam … in the hospital! I came up to the Bay Area on an emergency trip last Tuesday, taking some time off work. I’ve spent some time with my friend and meeting my friend’s family and my friend’s family’s friends (but not my friend’s family’s friends’ families’ friends’ friends’ families). Although the family is going through a difficult time, it has been nice spending time with them. On the down times I’ve been getting in some studying in the San Mateo public library and in the hospital foyer. I guess it would be more hardcore would be if I was studying in the OR under local anesthesia with my cards in one hand while being on the phone with my insurance company. In Canada. While studying the card on “Concerns about the Canadian Medicare system” (card #17). With the case manager quizzing me. HARDCORE!

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