Thoughts of a Non Traveler

So last Saturday I biked to this brunch place with my roommate and he was telling me that he and Nick and another person were planning on going to Japan and then Malaysia in May and asked if I wanted to go. I’ve been letting this simmer in my mind ever since thinking, Sounds exciting! I don’t remember when I last traveled for fun before! Should I go? I should probably decide soon before tickets become expensive. I just heard on the radio that buying tickets 81 days in advance is the sweet spot in international airfare (51 for domestic flights). I wonder how much hotels and everything will be? Will my manager let me go? What is there to do there? Should I bring my study materials? Well, yesterday I found out I have to be around in May for an audit at work. Ah well. It feels good to be settled about things anyways. I guess I’m not really a traveler. Maybe I’ll try to do more cooking. I’ve been watching this show on YouTube called How to Cook Like Heston and I guess it made me want to … cook like Heston. I even ordered some chocolate and a melon baller from Amazon to try and make chocolate truffles. Along with fashion photography, watching these cooking videos is on my list of Things I’d Never Imagined as a Kid I’d be Wanting to Do as an Adult. What happened to all the exciting car chases and exotic adventures that movies like Die Hard promised me? Ah well. Today it felt good to just come home and cook a burger.


  • Christine

    February 22, 2013 at 10:41 pm Reply

    Bring the chocolate truffles to small group 🙂
    I’ve been making the broccoli soup you made from Gordon Ramsay’s videos too and it is tasty and so simple. I might have to have you recommend a couple other recipes you really liked that are simple and tasty.

  • theo

    February 24, 2013 at 12:11 am Reply

    Will do! I finished making them today but I think they’re too big and the chocolate is a bit overpowering. I fear the sheer number of calories in each could feed a family of four for seven or eight weeks..

    I really like his Crispy Salmon on Potato recipe although I omit the crab meat.

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