On Saturdays, I’ve been meeting up with Nick to study.  He has premed classes to study for and I have a progress bar to increase and I think by our mere presences we’ve been helping each other being diligent in this.  He’s also fun to talk to:

ME (looking up from my study manual):  What if I was so into loss models and you were so into biology that we were doing this all for fun? NICK (laughs): Well it would be a different kind of fun.  Like it would be a deeper more fulfilling fun.  Like if it was, say, like gum it would be one of those long lasting gums with flavor crystals versus, say, regular chewing gum. Me:  What would the chewing gum be? NICK: Like something you’d have fun with for a little while but then put in a box only to find it years later when you trip over it in the garage.  Like Pogs.

I don’t really know what Pogs are but I can sort of tell that he’s having a fun time learning.  I, for one, might prefer a game of Pogs, but in the meantime I suppose watching my progress bar will have to do (I get the impression this is the real reason I’m studying).

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