My Study Breaks

  Well this is my best showing so far for a Tuesday puzzle.  Since I do these on a computer, I actually tried screen capture recording this attempt to try to make a Let’s Play video out of it, even coming up with a commentary but alas, when I clicked save, it didn’t.  Maybe I’ll try again next week but I’m going to have to try to find a different program to record.  Then again I question how entertaining a video of someone not solving a crossword puzzle really is. I did make one mistake.  I saw T_EATER and immediately thought “Theater!”  The clue was “Tab grabber.”  Movie stubs are kinda like tabs aren’t they and the theater ticket tearer kinda grabs them from you … right? It’s kinda strange doing these for me.  There usually comes a point halfway through where I want to give up (and usually do) but sometimes I keep going and things kinda fit into place.  Like 44 across’ clue was “One of a Disney septet” and I had _W_R_ to go with.  I was thinking, “Happy?  Grumpy?  I don’t know all the dwarves! Forget it” and then at work I had a “Doh!” moment and realized the solution was much simpler than I thought.  I get stuck a lot but it’s quite satisfying going on a roll and doing much better than you think you could do which is why I still try to whittle away at these. One of the things that made it easier was that all the words could be typed on the left side of the keyboard (one of the clues gave it away).  I thought that was neat!  Well I don’t normally look at the answers so I guess I’ll never know (although I did manage to get some after the fact):

  • SERGE: Twilled fabric (thanks R2)
  • CB__S: People with handles
  • TATTER: Rip to shreds (figured it out but a word that starts with TB?  Clue: Way up a slope)
  • EATAT: Trouble no end (TBAR?  Ohhhkaaay….)
  • DRESS: Promgoer’s buy (I suddenly feel quite dumb and happy at the same time)


  • R2

    March 16, 2011 at 2:50 pm Reply

    “S”erge. The 10,000 push-up progress meter? 30 push-ups per day is a less daunting task than the C4 exam.

  • theo

    March 16, 2011 at 3:20 pm Reply

    Yeah I had it up there for a day or so, during which time I didn’t want to do a single pushup. I failed before I even started!

    Next time I go into Banana Republic I’m going to ask for their latest line of serge and see if they give me blank stares.

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