Sick Again

I had to take last Thursday and Friday off because I felt pretty sick, and have been, for the most part, bedridden since.  I was thinking it was food poisoning from this ramen I ate but who knows.  I still feel a bit weak and my throat feels like sandpaper when I swallow but other than that I’m fine. There’s not a whole lot to do when rolling around in agony so I resorted to youtube and stumbled upon this comedian I thought was really funny, named Emo Phillips.  I thought his unique voice sounded familiar so I looked him up and it turns out he actually did some voice work for Slacker Cats, one of the projects for which I animated, back in the days.  It was neat seeing the person behind the voice, especially remembering all the scenes I did with his character.  I also youtubed Slacker Cats to reminisce. Another youtube video which brought back memories was this 80’s promo video for Microsoft Excel called The Soul of the New Machines (26 min. in 3 parts).  My dad got this video when we first got computers and I’m not sure why but I must have watched this video quite a bit (it’s still pretty entertaining, imo) since I still remember the corny guy, that chews gum a lot and has his coworkers notice how fast he reads to which he replies, “I got a high baud rate.”  I think I’ll probably remember that line for the rest of my life. And now I use excel pretty much every day at work and have turned into a relatively corny guy that snaps his fingers while spouting off one liners like, “Oh Yeah!”, probably to my coworkers dismay.  Maybe I should have watched less of that video.

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