Doctor Varner

Today I ran into (figuratively) this post I thought was interesting, from Dr. Varner who teaches the sunday school I’ve been attending the past few weeks.  Last sunday he said we could “Romans 8:28 someone to death”.  That particular verse says that God works all things for the good of those who love God and have been called by Him and I suppose Christians sometimes use it in a swiss army knife type way to try to comfort those who are suffering.  Anyway, I don’t normally hear people use verses as verbs either.  Which reminds me, I probably should Ecclesiastes 5:12 myself soon after I … hmm, does anyone brush their teeth in the bible? I’m sort of impressed he uses tumbr actually.  I hardly know many who’ve even heard of tumblr, let alone someone in his, um, age demographic (a bit older).  And yellow font on grey background, with white highlighted titles?  Kinda savvy if you ask me.  And 137 pages of posts?  Letsee, I’m on page four…

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