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So at the white elephant gift exchange today i had my gift stolen so I selected a rather heavy bag to find a Bath and Body Works Soap/Body lotion gift set.  I guess I was hoping it would be taken by someone else but it soon became apparent that no one else wanted it.  At this point I started looking at the set closely, noticing that the body lotions have properties that apparently give you “energy” and “relieve stress”, and I started settling into the idea of making the best of things and thought of taking the most awesome baths in the world and imagining how silky my skin is going to feel and how it would smell like lilac fields in the springtime and how my arms would glisten in the sun like a seal’s underbelly.  This present is going to be awesome! Maybe someone had the same idea because it was eventually taken at the end and I was left choosing  between a recorder/songbook and an electric massager.  I felt a little wierd taking the gift I brought (despite pleading from Christina who seemed to not want it at all) so I went with the massage thing.  Just for the record I think a recorder would be really fun, even if my skin wasn’t silky smooth.

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