I Fall Down

Today I fell down playing soccer. I played for about five minutes until I ran out of energy and just, well, fell down. I usually don’t fall down when I run out of energy but I was still moving. I scraped my knees. A few months ago I was running against my roommate in the parking lot behind work when I also fell down and scraped my forearm. In 6th grade I was running the 100 meter dash when I fell down at the start and scraped my hands. I always fall down! I think it’s because I imagine I can go faster than I really can and do things I really can’t. Like sometimes when I’m driving on the freeway I think of my car going up ramps and doing flips and drifting around tight turns while chasing a runaway car and dodging 18 wheelers which turn over and jackknife and the wheels come flying off and my heads out the window and I duck and the wheel just barely misses me but, well, I probably couldn’t do that at all.

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