The new Spiderman DVD which Rob brought to class has rekindled my love for the silly red and blue costume. The closest thing I have to that are these black nike stretchpants which my mom brought up with her when she visited me last weekend. Those pants, combined with a really tight fitted black and red jersey which Denisse wears that I tried on today, can almost make me look like a costumed superhero from the neck down. Without all the muscle bulges. Now if only I had 1) a mask, 2) superpowers, and 3) a cool name/symbol. The only thing I do have which is remotely superpowerish is the ability to not sleep very much so I probably could, in theory, roam the streets late at night (I haven’t yet developed the love of not sleeping very much) So my mom came up to visit me last week for a couple hours. She naturally brought me a trunkload of stuff which was nice (like the stretchpants), useful (a mini stapler), tasty (jellybeans!), and some some other stuff like cologne which I said I didn’t need. We drove around a bit and I took her to a place I like to eat.

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