Convergence Week 2

At the end of convergence week where we learned all about setting goals and working well with others we were asked to relax, close our eyes, and imagine our happy place. My happy place was a diner so it’s only fitting that there just happens to be a diner less than a block away from my place. It’s called Smile Diner (my classmates call it Smiley’s). It’s not the best food I’ve ever tasted but it’s cheap, their mashed potatoes are real (not from some flaky mix), and their denver omelet beats Denny’s by quantity if not by quality. It’s the kind of place which reminds me of a Philly food truck: a down to earth (as in green upholstery and fake wood paneling) gastronomic experience filled with large helpings of oil. And they have selection to boot – they serve both Chinese and Diner food which is like having a whole row of food trucks to pick from. That being said I just came back from a healthy (er, healthy as in plenty) serving of omelet, hashbrowns, toast, and mashed potatoes. I went to a different church today. It seemed a lot different from what I’m used to and reminded me of the services I would see on TV if that makes any sense. After the offering they had a person come up in a dog costume called Rover and he chatted with the pastor about how he had been working out at a gym and that he’ll show us a one armed push up next week. After a little while he went off with the kids for their sunday school and the sermon started but I left after the second point (out of seven). I felt that this wasn’t the right church for me although I did kinda want to see Rover do a one armed push up.

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