Some Observations about Vancouver

  • No one seems to jaywalk here. Which totally goes against my pedestrian instincts and makes me feel like a punk. I suppose I’ll eventually conform to the ways of these street and start holding up those crazy L-shaped arms everytime I want to make a left hand turn on my bike.
  • People are generally right about Vancouver: It is picturesque. There are a lot of asians. People say “eh” a lot. And the food is great. However if you have a taste for burritos, I suggest you make a run for the other border before heading for your local Canadian TacoTime Bleah!
  • Hockey Sticks (reg. CAN$29.99) are 20% off at the local sports mart.
  • My Everything Is On Sale At 33% Off theory has a few holes in it. Of course a lot of things here are cheaper than the states (food, for instance), but it seems like there are some people who actually figured out canadian money is not worth as much and have the nerve to charge more for the same items ($18 bucks for drugstore sunglasses! What’up with dat!), putting my economic model to sham.

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