So after dinner at Denny’s (an “Ultimate Omelette” which doesn’t quite live up to it’s name) I decided to go on a little bike stroll through the West End when I lost my footing and WHAM! The right pedal took a nice rectangular chunk out of my leg. Normally I would have pedaled it off but it seems so perfectly rectangular that I though it looked a little strange so I came home, bandaged it up, and succumbed to my daily internet binge. So before the whole rectangular divot fiasco I was having a pretty good biking day through the English Bay beaches stopping occasionally to draw where I could find some shade (all this biking has given me an mild, unfamiliar tan). It was a nice leisurely scenic day. I wrapped around UBC (University of a Billion Chinese, so I’ve heard). and headed back toward the city. Normally I’d be inclined to skip all the birthday stuff but I somehow felt the desire to at least do the candle thingy so I stopped by Safeway and bought a slice of apple pie, some vanilla ice cream, a pack of candles, and a lighter.

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