About Site

The website “re: idea” started in February 2001, after a series of emails to my friend Kevin.  We were writing about ideas for a website (subject re: idea) and it eventually became a personal blog.  My friend Scott is the guest columnist.

I grew up in suburban Portland spending my summers lying on the carpet trying to tan my legs, reading Highlights magazine, and practicing my fastball throwing a tennis ball around the house (the electrical outlet on the other end of the hall was the strike zone).  After high school I went off to college in Philadelphia where I studied the biology of psychology, and printmaking.  I moved to the Los Angeles area in 2004 where I worked in animation for three years before becoming an actuary in the health insurance industry.  When I’m not studying for actuarial exams, I enjoy taking photos with my wife, painting for friends, doing Monday crossword puzzles, and blogging about random stuff.

One day old marriage

I also spend my time wearing non-prescription, “just-for-show” glasses, watching youtube videos, and dreaming about expensive cameras that I’ll probably never buy.

In case anyone wants to contact me (or buy me one of the aforementioned cameras) you can write me at theohemm, followed by an ampersand (@), followed by yahoo dot com.