Deb's wedding

As I was rushing out the door to Deb’s wedding yesterday, I couldn’t find my black shoes!  I was on my way to the mall while calling up a coworker when my roommate got back to me and let me borrow his, which was a teense too small :( but WAY more fashionable :).   I thought I got a small glimpse of what it’s like being a woman wearing uncomfortable heels all day. It was only since Liz’ wedding that I heard Deborah was asked out by Joe and they got engaged less than a month ago.  I think both her dress and the wedding cake was from Costco.  I guess you don’t need a lot of preparation for a great wedding. Vashti, the profiessional photographer Deb with her old man Deb with her new man Sans jacket Avec jacket My face is more pockmarked ... the power of photoshop! Jason looking Vivian and Vashti looking ... the power of the iPhone! Christine and Molsy Cecilia looking photogenic Sharp but not poised Poised but not sharp Daren and Vashti Who needs correct colors?  The power of black and white! I hadn’t taken a lot of night shots and a lot of the photos turned out blurry :( so I’m glad they had a real photographer on the scene. I kinda want to see Vashti’s photos too. (Oh, by the way she has her own blog, The Corporate Tulle.)

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