My weekend with flashcards

So I started studying for my next exam and have a whopping 372 cards to memorize and I just finished card number 24, Elements of Prescription Drug Plans:

  • Member eligibility cards
  • Online claim adjudication
  • Tiered copays, deductibles, coinsurance
  • Pharmacy branded networks providing Discounts for branded medications
  • Mail service
  • Maximum allowable cost pricing for generics
  • Formularies and/or preferred drug lists
  • Prior authorizations for certain high-cost medication
  • Therapeutic interchange or switching

Yup, I have 372 of these babies. What was more interesting was the mnemonic written at the top of this card:

Men Ought To Pay More Money Do Much More For Pretty Things

Sounds deep. Anyway I’m not really sure what “Theraputic interchange or switching” actually is but I’m imagining it has something to do with highways. Or railroad tracks. Yeah, healing highways. I’ve been dreading memorizing these cards, but I’m finding that its more manageable walking around and studying them so I might try to walk Cookie, my roommates ex-girlfriend’s dog, in the mornings while saying these lists to myself. Anyway I went to the beach today with them (what else would any self respecting actuary do at the beach?): 20121125-201739.jpg I took this photo with my new iPhone which I’ve had for almost a month now and I have to say it does make a lot of things convenient (I’m using it now to post) like getting directions to places or finding the population of Denmark (5.5 mil). But I’m also finding it to be quite the time sink. It’s so easy to play one more game of Letterpress. One of my favorite apps has to be Sleep Cycle which generates pretty graphs of your sleep metrics. I don’t think it actually helps me sleep better but somehow I find the pretty graphs to satisfy my analytical appetite. Go figure.

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