Dragon Calendar

I originally thought I’d try making a small dragon rubber stamp for my small group’s make-it-yourself gift exchange but I was doodling away on the cintiq when I decided it’d be easier just to do a painting and print it as a calendar.  Why whittle away at a little rubber pad when I can use the wonders of modern print technology to make my image. I spent way too much time with paint thinners back in the day. I’m glad I finished and liked how it turned out, despite being Typical Chinese Dragon.  It took most of yesterday and some of today to iron out all the details (the scales took forever).  For some reason the thought occurred to me to try to do not one but twelve dragons, one for each month of 2012 (which is the year of the dragon, btw).  I could sell it online!  It could be an internet sensation! I could make a million dollars!  Let’s see by my current readership I’d have to charge, hmm, $333,333.33 for each one.  I’m pretty sure these figures are credible.  I am a professional number cruncher after all. I’m also starting to see a positive correlation with being invested in painting and the messiness of my room.


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    Thanks Kev!

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