Visiting Dad

  I went to visit my dad in North Carolina over the weekend.  There were a few things I remembered from growing up scattered around the house like that kneeling chair on the right (supposedly good for your posture), a Royal Dalton water filter, and this big Norman Rockwell artbook, which I’d probably appreciate a lot more now than as a kid.  I think I also remember that same yellow shirt that he’s wearing from when I was growing up.  I see my dad so infrequently that I notice remarkable aging each time I see him, and he’s starting to remind me a lot more of how I remember my grandfather. North Carolina is very picturesque, serene, and non-asian.  For whatever reason, my dad has always chosen non-asian places to live.  I think you can tell you’re in a non-asian place when you see a sign for “Asian restaurant” that says “Chinese Food, Sushi & Steak.”  Another indicator are t-shirts that say “Your girlfriend looks rougher than a dirt race track in the rain.”


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