Brute Force Method

In the past month and a half or so since I passed the exam I’ve been experimenting in cooking, riding my bike more (somewhat), and trying to learn how to play a third song on the guitar, Atmosphere, by Marie Hsiao (aka Mree), who’s a high school student from New Jersey.  Not being musically gifted, I’m finding I resort to the brute force method of guitar learning:   That is: 1) listen to song in slow mo (over and over again), 2) write down notes (over and over again), 3) play (over and over again).  I’m still on #3.  I found the brute force method helped a lot on the exams in trying to solve quadratics and such without going through the tedium of algebra.  Plug and chug (à la TI-30XS’ table function) FTW! If anyone stumbles on this page looking for the tabs/tablature/sheet music for this song, you can get my version of it here.  Caveat: I’m pretty sure it’s not 100% accurate.

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