23 Study Days Left

I took my first practice exam and scored a 29 out of 35!  (I think around 21 is passing)  Granted it was one of the easier ones and I think I made good educated guesses on problems that I didn’t know how to do but it was somewhat relieving knowing that I’ve come a ways since six months ago.  I started thinking of everything that has happened since I started studying for this exam almost a year ago and I was impressed at how much can happen in a year.  And then depressed at how quickly time flies.  And then repressed at how much I wanted to write about but never did.  And then … forest?  Mae West?  Undressed?  Hmm, must think of more rhymes… On a random note, I decided to sleep the opposite way on my bed.  I wouldn’t necessarily classify this change up as “fun” but it does make me look forward to sleeping somewhat.  When I was younger I would always like to sleep at my friend’s place or in these sofa cushion forts and seeing as how I don’t have a sofa, I’m finding it a tad satisfying to my inner child to sleep differently.

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