Peaceful Sunday

Well it’s Sunday night and I’m out of power, studying by a small flashlight hanging on a lanyard from the ceiling fan overhead.  I got the flashlight from Brookstone, not the usualy place I’d go to buy one but I ended up returning the electric massager I got at the white elephant gift exchange for a couple of these small flashlights which are proving to be quite handy since there’s not a whole lot to do when it’s dark.  Being without power is strangely peaceful.  Is this what it was like before the internet?  It seems like those times were ages ago. Anyway, I just finished Part 2 of 5 of my study manual, and cracking open Parametric models which is a fairly big section.  The first chapter, Method of Moments, is pretty basic but sounds like it could be the name of a cool indy rock bank or movie1.  I’d go see it by the title alone! At church today there was this umbrella which was left drying by the door and everyone who passed by it would look because it had this interesting text written on it:

snow was general all call me Ishmael all we Karamazovs are such I have not slept here all night

It was a little strange so I wrote these phrases down to look up later. I thought it was a little neat puzzle for me to try to figure out before the sermon started. Well, not having power, I guess today has been a lazy peaceful Sunday.  I took a short nap.  I thumbed through a couple unread books on my shelf.  I ate an apple and a cookie.  I finished the section on Empircal models.  I guess there’s still a lot you can do without electricity (batteries not included).

1 Most likely staring Robert Redford as an old man recounting the stories of his youth that made him, for better of worse, who he is today.  This movie practically writes itself!

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