Watching Tarzan over again has rekindled my desire to swing around like Spiderman. Lately I’ve been thinking about other superpowers I’d like to have too: the ability to pass through walls (so when I’m carrying lots of stuff to school I don’t have to open the doors), to move things with my mind (so I don’t have to push the elevator button either), to turn into a cat-like monster when I’m angry (because people might look at you oddly when you roar and tear things down as a regular guy) and to have a watch that can allow you to travel back in time (because we just started watching Back to the Future III during lunch in my class). I’d also somehow like the ability to post pictures on this blog and an understanding of PHP but that might be stretching things. Jed told me he’d like the ability to not need sleep or food (because you’d have all this extra time) but if I had those powers I’d probably do those things for fun anyway (and I’d probably just waste more time).

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