Convergence Week

I had my first day of class today. My mornings for the first three days are called “convergence” when the new students from all the programs get together (in a movie theatre no less!) for a mini pep talk regarding goals, communication, working in a team, fostering creativity, and the like. So you might imagine it would be a little on the fluff and petty side but it was actually very interesting. The speaker, lets call him Mr. “Professional Facilitator”, has curly hair and talks with Richard Simmons-like enthusiasm with much more smarts (or at least articulate graduate school talk) to back it up. Come to think of it he kinda does look a little like Richard Simmons without the shorts and sneakers bit. Ok, maybe I’m stretching it but anyways it’s nice to listen to someone who has a passion for what they’re doing. Days are split into morning and afternoon classes (with evening ones on certain Wednesdays) and Monday afternoons happen to be assisting animation (inbetweening). Imagine key pose A moving into key pose B and having to draw all the little poses in between and that’s, well, inbetweening. Anyway, that’s all to say that even though we’re drawing simple cubes, spheres, and cones for the time being, it, well, just feels good. Just being at a drawing table with a pencil and paper in hand feels as good as a pair of chopsticks in the hands of a hungry Yujin (my friend).

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