Four Flat Tires

I’ve been coming into work slightly late this week because of a flat tire. After buying four bike tubes, installing them, inflating them, and blowing each one out shortly afterwards, I’ve finally realized that it isn’t the bike shop workers who conspired to sell me duds but it’s actually a rip in my tire. I inflated the last tube to 100 psi and saw a tiny bubble forming outside the rip for a milisecond before it burst in my hands. I’m kinda excited about getting a new tire; it makes me feel like a mechanic specializing “my baby” with cool parts. Even though it’s only rubber. My apartment is a complete mess. I did the dishes yesterday which led me to want to clean out the whole apartment of useless stuff and start packing stuff in boxes for my August emigration. I threw away my toaster and my stereo, which has been on the fritz lately. I packed away my videos, DVDs, comic books and winter clothes. I’ve been meaning to pack away my TV but there’s still some rental movies on my summer to-do list that I’ve been meaning to rent. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

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