Old Pants

I’ve been wearing the same pair of pants for eight days in a row (they’re a pair of blue old navy kahkis). Seeing as how there’s a slim chance that I’m getting that scholarship, this may be the biggest accomplishment I’ve had in a while. Maybe I can wear them another week. Unfortunately, wear is starting to show in the knee area but that never really stopped me from wearing them before. Mosquito bites have been waking me up to some strange dreams which I only vaguely remember bits and pieces of. In one I remember riding on a school bus on some school trip and Lana was there but she was as small as a midget for some reason. I also dreamed of being in Syria with many of the same archaeological team members but having this new attractive asian girl on the dig. We took a break from the dig and went to some nearby city where they were playing late night showings of Episode II but we never got to see it. Who knows if there’s any meaning behind this dream, but if this does forecast a third trip to Syria, I’d have to tell God the mosquito bites were a nice touch.

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